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  • 23.01.2019
  • by Shakagal

Can Sex Be Casual? Searching for Connection on Campus - Public Discourse

DRUNK INTERVIEWS ( Worst hookups)

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And another statement is that the total number of partners for all men as a group has to equal the total number of partners for women as a group. And the reason is very simple, obviously. Or if you're having trouble grasping it, the explanation is very simple. Whenever a man has a new partner, there is a woman right there with him for whom that man is a new partner for that woman. There are no exceptions. And likewise, every time a mans has straight sex, there is a woman there having sex with a man.

So it is not possible for men as a group to have a larger number of different partners, nor is it possible for men as a group to have a larger number of total partners.

How many college students hook up

Doesn't matter how discriminating or selective anybody is. Are you having trouble with basic math? If a Don Juan is racking up a lot of lovers, the totals are still the same. Say he has women, while all the other men are virgins.

Well, then the total number of women all the men have had is And the total number of men all the women have had sex with is also exactly -- each of women has had sex with Don Juan.

Thanks for providing that example. Don Juan in your example is one male. While the percentage of females having sex will be much higher because he is having sex with many women. Don Juan may be very busy, but his value stays at one. The measurement is whether a person had sex or not. Don Juan can't be counted more than once as a person that had sex. You really are having an extreme problem grasping math and simple verbal expressions, aren't you? You just now made up a new definition, namely the count of people who had any sex, or not.

If you had sex, you count as 1, if not you count as 0. That was not what was described, doofus. Read it again. Or I'll repeat here. Try to follow it closely, if you can.

The researchers considered the sexual experiences of college students. These numbers are totally plausible.

College Hookup Culture: Myth or Fact?

It's worth noting that the question was not whether the person you had sex with was a student. I'm in agreement with the study and the author of the article.

You have the burden of proving why the reader here should believe you and discard what was said in the article. So far you have failed miserably. This isn't about math.

It's logic. Actually, I did NOT dispute those numbers.

For today's college students, the hookup culture is a very real part of their There's a disconnect between how much sex students are having.

What I said in that particular context was that you have to be "careful". I later on "called BS" on some other numbers, but I was careful NOT to do so on those percentages which are actually pretty close, and well within the typical reporting bias difference between men and women. I was well aware of that.

Which is why I didn't dispute that number, contrary to what you claim. Actually, I have not. You have in fact not made your point at all. - Spitting Game_ The College Hook Up-15394

It's interesting that your "refutation" is simply that I have failed "miserably" oh, yeah, a great mathematical refutation that is! Again, your reading comprehension has failed you. Those numbers are pretty close, in fact even closer than you'd expect.

And, in fact, it's all about math. That's why they teach it. If it doesn't make sense mathematically, you should question it. And so far it looks like you're a math failure. This sub-plot of the discussion was fun to read through. I hope readers scroll back up to read the entire exchange. The best part was reading the morphing of the original claim that the numbers had to match exactly. I believe the poster used upper case letters to make that point. You have a problem with reading in context.

The statement was that the numbers of encounters have to match exactly, which is obvious. The numbers quoted were percentages of people who report, and for a specific population which can obviously have sex outside of the group. Which is why I said at first that you have to be "careful", not that the numbers were wrong. So you have a problem comprehending the intended meaning. And so you only resort to lawyerly legal looping gotchas. Entirely consistent.

But when you are talking about larger populations, the numbers need to line up somewhat. Imbalances can occur because there are fewer women, or more women in the population, because men die younger, etc. The only thing you're wasting your time on is that you didn't understand that obvious truth and the obvious context in which it was meant.

Prove otherwise by actually arguing the logic, rather than going over the text like a high school grammar teacher who doesn't actually understand discussion.

I type too fast without proofreading. Otherwise, explain how it is possible for a man to have a new sexual partner, and for there not to be a woman in that case who is having a new sexual partner?

As a reader I assume that when a poster uses that quote feature that the words they type beneath the quote address the item quoted. Now I realize that you were going off on a tangent about how numbers of encounters had to exactly match.

Which really isn't relevant to the quote or anything for that matter. Why even type it? You even used all caps to emphasize that point. The author of the article used percentages. You quoted a fact about percentages and then expect the reader to follow your tangent that you want to dispute something about total number of encounters.

Which is flawed anyway because even the total number of encounters won't match because students aren't limited to having sex with only students.

I want to work with you to get you out of this tangled mess, but you keep digging the hole deeper. You're working hilarously hard to come up with some kinda "gotcha". Is this really your best intellectual work? What part of "you have to be careful with" are you having trouble grasping? That is not a dispute.

I implied you need to look at those numbers with some discernment to interpret them. Later on, I called out numbers which appear to be BS. You still don't seem to get it. And, no, actually, if I were writing a scientific paper, I'd be much more careful of my wording, and looking carefully to make the points align perfectly.

So, sure, I'll accept that my writing was misleading if you want insist on total clarity and not relying on the reader to surmise the intended concepts. But if you want to waste your time finding fake gotchas on how how someone might have misinterpreted my writing, go for it.

actually participating in this culture in much smaller numbers than they believe their Keywords: College students, communication, hookup relationships. Request PDF on ResearchGate | "Hooking Up" Among College Studying hooking up has expanded in the last several years across many. Hooking up is nothing new for college students. longer than ever before, many of them are meeting their sexual needs by hooking up.

All you've done is comment on my writing style. You've so far been completely unable to directly contradict any of the logic. It's only "you said this and this, which could be interepreted as this and this gotcha!

Do you actually have any interesting insights, or are you just a keyboard grammarian with nothing better to do? I'd honestly be interested in any real insights you might have on these stats. But everything you've pointed out so far has been boring as all get out. Actually, I haven't broken a sweat. I'm just trying to figure out your point.

Why all of the keystrokes to make the point that each sexual encounter between heterosexuals should be recorded as one male encounter and one female encounter? It has nothing to do with the quote you used.

Of those students who have hooked up, between 30% and 50% report that Many female college students explained how the "frat boy". Hookup culture” has become a normalized term to describe casual Sex is common among college students, and it's ingrained in For students who feel ambivalent, she says, many may decide to give hooking up a try. Similarly, in a study of college students, 26 percent of women and 50 . people overestimated others' comfort with many different sexual hook-up behaviors.

It has nothing to do with the article. Underneath the quote you said: "You have to be careful with these kinds of "observations". So, the question remains: What was your point? Why did you quote that line? What problem did you have with the article that prompted you to take issue with that fact? It was a long article. You could have chosen any piece of it to take issue with, but you jumped on that fact. A reader has to assume that you were taking issue with the statistic presented.

Then, without thinking too hard about it, you went off on a rant. This suspicion actually makes more sense than any of your explanations so far.

I accept your clarifications in the sense that the percentages of exact counts of total groups are not the same which you apparently feel the need to present as gotchas. You've now made the same uninsightful point many times. Have you nothing new to offer? Like what, it blew your whole day that you were so mislead? LOL You're beating a dead horse. I can offer something new. I liked the article because it confirmed my hunch that things haven't changed much since I was in college.

The sky isn't falling. There is nothing radically different about kids today. The idea that the world is going to hell in a handbasket is unfounded. Right-wingers want people to think college campuses are dens of sin. But, it's no different today than it was 40 years ago.

Everything is going to be alright.

Many young adults have hooked up and so my interest in this topic The researchers surveyed college students who had hooked up at. Each school has its own hookup culture. For some students, hooking up doesn't venture much beyond a good old-fashioned make-out session, but for others it. For many college-age students, marriage no longer comes on the heels of graduation. Hooking up for“casual sex” allows them to put off serious romance yet be.

Nothing to see here folks. Being promiscuous is hugely advantageous for guys and getting better now that most women are foolishly following men and becoming more "slutty" giving guys more sexual opportunities.

Their value has dropped significantly advantaging men and less obstructive. Monogamy and marriage benefited the women more than men so looks like sexual incarceration is coming to an end. Good news. When women these days want to follow everything men do senselessly then why would anyone want to get married to them. There will be a significant drop in birth rate is the major effect.

Women's "value" going down? By what measure? What stats do you have to back that up? You're just making it up. Just the societal perception, not mine.

Women used to hold their fidelity and chastity as strength In other words, women are "easy" to do these days. Essentially, benefiting man.

During my college years I had sex often and I don't regret it. It was many years ago. I was discreet and expected the guys I was having sex with to be cool about it. I'm not talking about getting picked-up in bars. It started in the dorms. I didn't wear make-up or wear stylist clothes, but enough guys approached anyway. I rarely declined their advances if they were nice to me and seemed like a good person.

Maybe I was lucky because I don't recall ever having a problem other than those awkward evenings where two guys visited my room on the same night and neither one seemed to want to leave.

I would have to make-up a reason that I had to go someplace to break the stalemate. I went to college to get an education, not to find a husband. Future research could include a more diverse range of participants. By looking at motivation and behavior, we can then figure out ways that young adults can increase the good things about hooking up i. Blayney, Melissa A. Lewis, Debra Kaysen, and Jennifer P.

The laws of the dating land have shifted, and recent studies indicate that traditional dating on campuses has taken a back seat to no-commitment, friends-with-benefits type relationships.

The traditional days of wooing a prospective mate seem to be over. Students often hook up before dating and act on their wants before committing to relationships. Justin Garcia, a State University of New York doctoral fellow at Binghamton University who conducts research on hookups, claims this overall lack of dating means many young adults don't know how to get a relationship started.

Sociologist Paula England of Stanford Universitywhose ongoing research since has surveyed more than 17, students from 20 colleges and universities, reported that by senior year, 72 percent of both sexes reported having at least one hookup, with the average 9.

Potentially contributing to hookup culture, as reported by NPR, 90 percent of student housing is co-ed, which is a far cry from the single-sex dorms of the past. There seems to be no shortage of casual relationships on campuses, and Mark Regnerus, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas, Austinsuggests that the higher proportion of women on campuses has contributed to the popularity of the hookup culture.

Women made up more than 56 percent of the college population inaccording to the recent census data on enrollments.

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