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  • 13.01.2019
  • by Gardataur

Best and Worst States for Online Dating . All Home Connections

HOW TO GET GIRLS ON ONLINE (Step by Step 100% Working Method) - How to Pick Up Girls on

The likelihood of running into your soulmate grocery shopping or locking eyes across the dancefloor is slim at best. Creepy Guy waiting to make his move on Aisle 3 might say otherwise, but online dating has its perks—and, depending on where you live, might just lead to your happily ever after. It turns out where you live has lots to do with online dating success. If you live in a state with more cows than people, it might be time to mooove. Lucky for you, our team at All Home Connections looked into which states use which online dating apps the most, so you can get swiping, liking, and posting! We looked at nine different metrics split into three categories: Safety, Demographics, and Opportunity.

Although those states also have some of the highest violent crime ratesso you might want to do a little extra online sleuthing to background check your dates before you meet up there. New Hampshire 2. Massachusetts 3.

All Home Connections, an authorized AT&T retailer, looked at the online dating landscape in every state and, based on a number of factors. Check out the best (and worst) states for online dating in to , New Hampshire is still the #1 state for online dating, and also #1 for. Tinder was the top dating app in the US, at 17 percent. It was followed by Match, at 15 percent. Bumble and Plenty of Fish each garnered 8.

Rhode Island 4. Connecticut 5.

Maine 6. North Dakota 7. Washington 8. Minnesota 9.

New York New Jersey. Arkansas 2.

Here's how each state ranks in for online dating safety. Our data from shows that three of the top five safest states are in New. Best dating sites for introverts, wallflowers, and anyone hesitant to try Online dating is kind of the best thing that ever happened to introverts. But dating is also a numbers game, so a state with a higher proportion of your chances of finding love, check out WalletHub's Best & Worst Cities for Singles report. . Online-Dating Opportunities: Full Weight (~ Points).

New Mexico 3. Mississippi 4.

Louisiana 5. South Carolina 6. Tennessee 7. Alabama 8. Oklahoma 9. Texas For those still struggling to find a Valentine, the map might be a little comforting, in a way.

NH is best state in country for online dating, survey shows

In case you were unaware: September 7 is Beer Lovers Day. While Americans hardly need a good reason to throw back a cold one, that there's an entire day dedicated to our favorite sudsy beverage makes it taste that much better. But do regional flavors impact beer preferences? There are some creeps, predators, and scammers out there.

How'd we determine which states are best and worst for online dating? First, we compared each state by opportunity, safety, and demographics. Online dating as the mainstream way to meet your partner isn't even news anymore. Nowadays, it's more shocking to say "We met at a bar". Tinder and OkCupid matches not working out? Blame the state you live in.

Based on our data, the following are the most dangerous states for online dating. You might expect that the most risky states for online dating are states with big cities notoriously high in crime like Detroit and St.

Did Alaska surprise you? Anchorage is one of the most dangerous cities in the USwhile the rest of the state is less infamous.

The Best States For Online Dating — And The Number One App To Use In Each

Another interesting side note is that none of the safest states for online dating prefer Match. Does that mean Match is riskier than other dating apps? Not necessarily.

Our data from shows that three of the top five safest states are in New England Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. These states all scored low in cybercrime, violent crime, and STDs. One of the biggest surprises this year is that West Virginia catapulted to the second-safest state up from number seven in The team at HighSpeedInternet. After graduating with a degree in English from the University of Utah, Kristin learned to geek speak while working as a technical recruiter, interviewing software developers and tech companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the past 20 years, she has created award-winning content for technology, health, and finance companies, eventually bringing her talent to HighSpeedInternet. You can contact her at kristin.

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Best state for online dating

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How safe is your state for online dating?

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