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  • 12.01.2019
  • by Dijora

A Secret Dating Place Outside of Seoul

Make couple Tour !! Tips for dating place in seoul !!

A great way to crank up the heat literally is by enrolling in a cooking class. Thanks to Colin for the wonderful review on Tripadvisor! The staff were pleasant, spoke very good English and were easy to engage with. The class started with an optional visit to the local underground market glad we decided to participate. The cooking class was enjoyable , straight forward to follow and the assistants were always on hand to keep you right. Following the cooking class we all sat down to enjoy our meals with the entire group. Following the meal we were given sweet tea to drink and some hand warmers for our departure great bonus since it was below freezing outside that day!

Seoul is full of hidden and romantic places where you can date peacefully with your lover. Romantic restaurants, walking in department stores hand-to-hand. Here's 20 great date ideas for when you need inspiration, all located in and around Seoul! From day trips to activities to do together, the best. Check out these 10 romantic date ideas in Seoul that will have your partner's adrenaline and get you even more excited to have a good date.

A perfect place for a date in Seoul for the refined. In addition to being one of the best places to go on a date, the Seoul Zoo is also one of the biggest zoos in the world. This place features 3, animals and over different species of animals. Also, the place features over 20, different specifies of roses! Great place if you want to get to exhibit wild life with your date. It features many small little shops and cafes. For window shoppers, it will be impossible for you to leave the place without buying anything culture related to Korea!

This unique area was designed in such a way by connecting its charming alleys in the form of a spiral-like stairway. Olympic Park is situated on the east side of Seoul and was the place where the Olympics were held. You and your date will surely have sore feet by the end of your tour around the park. You can also rent bikes from vendors. If you are in Seoul, you might notice that there is not much greenery in the city; so sack your lunch and head on over to this park!

It also features one of the largest movie screens in the world! Your date might puke! This park was opened in and features a scenery of absolute beauty. With the growing number of buildings in Seoul, one can feel trapped and confined inside the city.

Well, good spots at least. Luckily, Korea has a bunch of romantic and exciting places for dating that offer great food, refreshing drinks, and many.

You and your date can walk around the featured five parks and escape the commercial realities of life for one moment. If you hate scuba diving but still love beautiful sea life, make sure you and your date check out the Coex Aquarium.

The tanks are divided into different sections there are six of them and are viewed in a tunnel like atmosphere. At the end of Ocean Walk is the Aquarium. Remember no. Well, like we mentioned, there are many hidden alleyways and cafes in Insadong. If you look hard enough, you will find the Ssamziegil underground workshop.

You and your date can learn how to design different Korean crafts like cups and dishes, rings, and cell phone accessories. You can also make hanji Korean paper crafts like jewel boxes and paper lamps. Once you see the big sign, take an immediate left and go down the stairs. Oh man, i was looking for something like Nagwon Sangga!! Finally i can show off my piano skills! Thanks ;-D. We knew there are music and art dwellers out there looking for a place to date.

Alsoyou should check out piano cafes in the Hongdae area! I love making things and learning how to make things. Only thing here, really, is Starbucks…. Thank you for showing us all this great places.

I would like to go to Nami Island and to Namhansanseong Fortress hope to find someone that will come with me there. I like them all and I would like to visit them again. I would like to live there.

25 Romantic Things to do in Seoul

Thank you for the post. Wow, this is a great collection! How do you get here from the Somerset Palace Seoul? Your email address will not be published. Categories Blog Things to do in Korea. We recommend the rooftop cafes in Samcheong and Sanmotoonge in Buamdong.

Check out the iconic Namsan Tower for a romantic sunset with a great panoramic view of the city. For a really special occasion you can splurge and head up to N.

Make couple Tour !! Tips for dating place in seoul !!

Grille at the top of the tower and enjoy a 5 star meal while revolving around Seoul. We did this for my birthday two years ago and it was unforgettable! A photo posted by megindoe on Sep 15, at am PDT. Time magically disappears in these rooms and they end up being a blast and can be a great way to push through those first dates awkward stage. Grab some soju and let loose by singing love ballads to eachother. Make sure you get a fancy noraebang that has a disco ball and room for dancing during your sweet serenade.

A photo posted by megindoe on Sep 14, at pm PDT. These rooms are similar to noraebangs, and often do have karaoke as an option in them, but offer much more!

Multi rooms have thousands of movies to choose from as well as video games! We miss our Mario Kart and wine nights from back at home, so we will go rent out a multi room for a few hours and play wii together with drinks and snacks!

There are tons in and around Seoul! One that we have been dying to go to is in Gapyeong called the Cozy Theme Pension and has beds made out of giant soju bottles and ramen bowls. Surprise your date by getting something wacky for the night!

I feel like I've done what most couples do together in Seoul. The best winter date location is the night illumination at the Garden of Morning. 11 Photoshoot-Worthy Dating Spots in Korea that Couples Will Love around, a photoshoot in the park will definitely be a good place to start!. Impress your date with these unique Seoul-based activities. The staff were pleasant, spoke very good English and were easy to engage with.

Hop on one of the Han River cruises for a meal and a tour of the city by water. Afterwards, grab an adult beverage at the riverside bar, Dongjak Bridge Cafe and enjoy the night scenery of Seoul. Via Claresmisadventures.

This charming village offers various arts and crafts that you can do together like pottery and jewelry making as well as restaurants, cafes, and museums to explore.

Take a day trip to Paju and visit all the highlights of the area, including Heyri Art Village with a tour. Everland Amusement Park is a great place to go for an action packed day of fun.

We see more couples at Everland than we do kids! Ride all the rides, watch the different shows, eat food, enjoy a beer in Holland village, check out all the animals, and enjoy the gorgeous views during your visit!

Suwon Fortress is a great place for a day date. You can spend hours exploring the Fortress Wallsthen you can impress your lover with your archery skills! Ride the dragon train around the fortress if your legs get tired and try on some old warrior costumes for a great photo!

If your date feels shitty then take your beau to the Toilet Museum nearby….

Purchase your tickets at a discount here. Nami Island is the date spot outside of Seoul.

Best dating places in seoul

Take a ferry ride or zipline into Namiseom Island where you can rent bikes, check out live performances, ride in a swan boat, explore gardens, visit ostriches, and eat some tasty food. Famous k dramas have been filmed here, such as Winter Sonata, and many couples try to recreate the infamous scene in the tree lined pathway.

So we try to think of romantic ideas or fun dates to do during our time in Korea. Luckily there are tons of romantic things to do in Seoul with your lover for a nice. Date Spots in Seoul are plentiful for Koreans and Expats alike. In the spring this is said to be one of the best places in Seoul to catch the. This is the icon of Seoul: The N Tower (Namsan Tower). However, N Tower is overcrowded with tourists and sometimes it is best to take your.

This random theme park has all kinds of fun activities inside for you and your lover to spend an afternoon.

Take a boat ride in a love gondola, dress up in costumes for some photos, explore the various gardens, and enjoy some makgeolli and treats! If you get bored, hop on a bus and check out Pocheon Art Valley! Check out a day trip to Pocheon including Herb Island and Pocheon Art Valley, you can purchase tickets at a discount here.


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