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  • 02.01.2019
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That's So Raven (season 2) - Wikipedia

Raven's Home - In Vision Of Privacy - Raven and Chelsea DANCE - CLIP

In , this season's original opening was replaced with season three's opening for daytime network rebroadcasts and subsequent syndication without any explanation, making the original opening rare. This season was filmed from April 7, to October and aired on Disney Channel on October 3, Raven believes The Chill Grill can become a hangout for the kids at her school, so she heavy-handedly advises her family on how to make the restaurant cool. We find out that Eddie and Chelsea are only meeting because they are practicing a dance routine for the Chill Grill opening. However, when Raven comes to their house masquerading as a plumber, she is still unaware of what is going on between them.

But there's one thing that will break your heart about the show: Raven Baxter's ex-husband and father to her children, Booker and Nia, is her high school love, Devon which means Raven and Devon got married after high school and then divorced! And like, how about a little bit of nostalgia? People marry their high school sweethearts and then they grow up and things change and they get divorced and things are good because there's still friendship there," Raven explained.

Apparently, Raven wanted to shed light on a different type of parental unit in Raven's Home: Parents that choose NOT to be together because it's better for their family. We're friends!

That's So Raven Reunion on The View Part 1

Navia Robinson, who plays Raven and Devon's daughter Nia, also opened up to us about her character's relationship with Devon.

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raven-thinks-eddie-and-chelsea-are-dating: raven thinks eddie and chelsea are dating. Raven thinks that The Chill Grill is going to be a hangout for the kids At the restaurant opening, Raven learns that Eddie and Chelsea aren't dating. Raven, Eddie, Chelsea Daniels: Hey! sees the poster Chelsea's put up]: [ Raven pulls down the poster]: Raven: Uh, no way! .. Eddie: Do you have a date ?.

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Eddie Thomas

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Episodes 12 1. Art Breaker.

Subtitles Subtitles. Audio Languages Audio Languages. Raven encourages Chelsea to be artistic but breaks her sculpture. Boyz in Commotion. Raven promises to get Boyz 'N Motion to perform at school.

Raven thinks eddie and chelsea are dating

Gettin' Out of Dodge. When Raven knocks out Bianca in dodgeball Muffy and Loca hang out with her. On Top of Old Oaky. They Work Hard for His Honey.

The fourth and final season of That's So Raven aired on Disney Channel from February 20, Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine's class at the Community Center. While there, Raven must At the movie he sees Cindy, his ex-girlfriend, who is also on a date with a boy. The date doesn't turn. Raven & Eddie think Chelsea's new environmental boyfriend is a phony. Buy SD Raven goes in disguise so Eddie has a date for the Basketball Team Awards. Raven has a vision of Eddie and Chelsea allegedly kissing. Ravens sets out to find What Chelsea and Eddie Are hiding and ends up Release Date: 3 October .

Eddie hires Chantel to work in the student store, then gives her easy jobs. Mind Your Business. Hizzouse Party. Raven and Cory throw a party. Mismatch Maker. Raven and Chelsea cast a wishing spell from a magical book to get invited to Alana's Halloween party.

While it works, a mishap during the process causes them to start turning into cows. The two ladies go to the party to stop the spell before they become livestock. Meanwhile, Cory chooses to go trick-or-treating with his friend rather than his parents, upsetting Victor and giving Tanya the idea that the two of them should go trick-or-treating without their children.

Alana goes to the hair salon to have the paint removed, and Raven follows so she can apologize. However, Raven overhears Alana saying she will get revenge on her. Raven impersonates a hairdresser, and when she's fixing Alana's hair, her gum gets stuck to it.

Loca and Muffy show up and point out that Raven has damaged Alana's hair further, but Raven manages to escape the hair salon silently. Dreading facing Alana at school the next day, Cory and his genius friend William who have chicken pox agree to help Raven the next day with technology, which helps her avoid Alana at school. This is due to the episodes airing in a mixed production order.

When Principal Lawler introduces a new school uniform, Raven decides to protest, and ends up being the only one. But was supported by Alana and her posse. When she has a vision of the group seeking revenge, Raven attempts to stop their scheme, which involves a wheel of odorous Cheese being put into a hot air vent, and framing Eddie and Chelsea.

To prevent them from getting in trouble, Raven enters the air vents only to find herself stuck, realizing the only way left to get rid of it is to eat it. Meanwhile, Cory's pet gets a credit card in the mail, which Cory and William use to buy expensive stuff, until Victor tells them that someone will eventually have to pay for it. Raven goes on her first real date with her crush, Devon, and grows anxious when she has a vision that he's going to kiss her on the date.

Devon's jealous little sister Nadine tries to keep them from dating. When Raven has a vision of Cory getting no valentine she tries to give him tips but they don't work, so Eddie teaches him to rap to get a boost of confidence.

Meanwhile, Chelsea has to have her new boyfriend approved by Tanya and Victor since her parents are away and Raven tries to mail a giant Valentines card to Devon.

Raven and Chelsea go on a TV show called "TermiDate" to win a date with a boy When Raven, Chelsea and Eddie are at the Chill Grill, they spot Victor talking to And when Chelsea sees Raven's video she sees Raven call her a loser. The second season of That's So Raven aired on Disney Channel from October 3, to der Pol co-star as Raven's best friends, Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels. Raven believes The Chill Grill can become a hangout for the kids at her the restaurant opening, Raven learns that Eddie and Chelsea aren't dating. Simply put: Raven-Symone + Disney Channel = automatic success. A show about recently divorced Raven and Chelsea moving in together to.

Raven gets invited to a convention for Devon's favorite show, "Astro Force 5". Raven doesn't want to go, but when she has a vision of Devon nuzzling with another girl, she and Chelsea crash the convention -- in disguise, of course.

Eddie also crashes the convention, but he intends to meet a female star on the show whom he has a crush on. As it turns out, nuzzling is just the traditional greeting on "Astro Force 5". Meanwhile, Cory has a new money scheme -- pretending to read the minds of animals. Raven has a vision of herself modeling a dress that she designed.

She is accepted into the fashion industry modeling her clothes. But when it appears in the magazine, her body has been altered, and she appears much thinner than she really is. She is upset that her own body was not used, and also that the head of the agency only believes that there is only one look for all models.

In the end Raven learns that it's what's on the inside that counts not the outside. Meanwhile, Cory tries to convince his parents that he should get a new video game system.

Raven must get a good grade on a science project, or else she'll be grounded and she'll have to miss going to the Blue Rain concert with Devon.

When Victor gets a new paper shredder, he becomes totally obsessed with it. Meanwhile, Cory's intelligent friend William needs a makeover.

Raven makes a deal with William, to trade projects. William does his share of the deal, but Raven had forgotten about her part. When William and Cory get mad, they shred the project, which Raven had to fix up a night. Asleep from lack of sleep, she groggily and mistakenly tells Victor that her paper is trash. He shreds the paper and Raven gets mad.

Then by accident at school, she ends up creating an unstable chemical reaction in the science lab, which causes Raven and Victor who had come to bring Raven her formula project paper to get covered in some sort of blue substance that will not wash off for a few days.

Raven's grounded until her grades improve and Devon comes over to cheer her up.


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