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  • 10.01.2019
  • by Najind

How to setup ARC connection with my Philips soundbar? . Philips

How to connect external devices - Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

If preferred, the sound from the TV can be played from an external sound system or home theatre system instead of the TV speakers. HDMI recommended for simultaneous video and sound output. Audio output - Optical recommended for high Quality sound output. Audio Output - Coaxial. Option 1 - connection via a HDMI:.

The TV speakers will not automatically disable however, but can be turned off via the instruction in the box below. Option 3 - connection via a coaxial cable. Connect a coaxial cable from the coaxial output of the TV to the coaxial input of the sound system.

Option 4 - Connection via headphone jack: If no digital connection is possible, the systems can be connected using a 3. This delivers an analogue stereo signal and can be converted to several different analogue connectors.

If this is the case, the setting can be found as follows:. Note: the headphone jack transmits analog sound signals. This type of signal is transmitted slower than digital signals which can result in a synchronization issue of video and sound.

The TV speakers are not switched off automatically for most TV models. Related articles:. TV troubleshooting and FAQs. Situation If preferred, the sound from the TV can be played from an external sound system or home theatre system instead of the TV speakers. Was this answer useful? What could we have done to answer your question better? What are you splitting? Then you should be able to see your TV and also receive sound when you use functions on the TV and select the D.

Published: | ARC allows you to enjoy the sound of the TV from the Philips Home Theatre system without having to connect a second cable in. Answer A Philips TV will have one or more of the following connections The different connection types are listed below in order of sound quality and. Philips soundbars and LG TVs only have one mutually compatible audio connection: optical digital audio. Otherwise, another device can bridge the gap.

IN input on the soundbar. The ARC function is activated in D. How do I make the sound bar the default audio choice. Ie, now have to hit aux button on dish remote to get to volume, then hit sat to go back to normal tv functions. The soundbar is indeed your Aux device. Great if I can have an answer.

I am not familiar with that soundbar model. Hi there, So we have a sound bar installed on our TV — as well as Chromecast. My question for you is there anyway to play to sound through the soundbar while using CHromecast.

If you could please fill me in on how to do it. Did you find another solution somewhere? And what about the other devices? I had no idea was she was talking about as I know nothing about these things.

How to connect external devices - Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

Do I just get one the recommended sound bars and see what kind of cable it comes with? Any help you could provide this senior would be most appreciated!

Different models of sound bars come with different inputs. Either will work for you as your cable box will come with both.

How do i hook up my philips soundbar

I have a TV, a cable box, and a media player box, and a sound bar. I should then be able to have the sound come through the sound bar, for either the tv, or the media player.

Tkanks Jack.

Published: | There are several options to connect the soundbar to TV . Dive in and learn How to connect your soundbar to your TV. The other connection alternative is used with more feature-rich sound bars that feature . I am trying to connect a Philips smart TV to a Samsung HW-Hsound bar using HDMI.

If both TVs are on they will be on same channel or only one tv will be on either in bar or lounge. Any suggestions? Then y do we need to output the audio from tv back to the bar through arc or optical.

The tv is getting the video from the bar and the bar is getting the audio from the device. He sits at the table with the TV blasting because he is hard of hearing, and the person working in the kitchen me goes bonkers because of the noise. The speakers appear to be on the bottom edge of the TV, but I swear the sound comes out of the air vents on the back.

I have provided the TV and cable box info below. Is there anything we can do on a tight budget to remedy this? It would be great to have the option of choosing between a headset for my day, as well as the ability for everyone sitting at the table to be able to hear the TV. This television is not compatible with any form of a Sound Bar or other Audio System.

This TV does not have any form of Audio Output available to send a signal to such a speaker device. The only option for this would be to connect a Cable Box directly to the audio device for the audio, and separately to the TV for the video.

Let me start with complimenting you on your nice connection Sound Bar Diagram, very easy to follow. Would you recommend I use the sound bar as hub or the TV? I sure do appreciate your advise! Why are both listed? Also, it says Wireless. Does it still have to be connected wired at all? I need your help please! I have a yr old Insignia TV. It has 4 hdmi inputs but none say they are arc. I have hdcable box and PS3 connected hdmi.

Is there any way to get it connected? I have a LG Bluetooth sound bar and one wireless speaker that came with it. What kind of speaker do I need to get and is there anything else I need to hook it up right.

I wonder if you just need to get a better sounder that has a dialogue enhancement function brings up the highs for dialogue or center channel content. But problem is that when people are talking there mouth is not in sync with eachothet.

Check if you have your TV set to Hz or similar. When playing audio through the soundbar from the cable box, the power is no where near the W output. When the soundbar is at max volume from the cable box, it come no where near the max of the other sources. Is it the TV? Is it the Cable box? Both are about 4 years old models. Can you tell me waht I now need to do to connect and use the sound system please?

Trying to hook it up to Vizio VHT We followed the hook up as you diagrammed but no sound will come out of the bar. We previously had a Samsung hooked to the Vizio and ran all devices through the Vizio. It worked fine. We tried running everything through the Vizio, but still no sound. Hi, I have an older model around 5 yrs plasma from Panasonic. Connected a chromecast to one of the two HDMI inputs.

Please help. This will likely be optical digital or analogue. Roku is hook to tv by hdmi. What am I doing wrong? I have an old pair of BOSE speakers hooked up to the analog port and am wondering if I can also attach a sound stand to either the toslink or HDMI ports for a richer sound i. My Bose speakers are behind my sitting area and the sound stand would be in front of it. Iam connecting my LG — HS9 7.

I Added a soundbar to the mix to eliminate my tower speakers and wires. I am about to go crazy trying to figure this one out. But what I would do is is check your Denon Receiver output setting and make sure the Sound from the receiver is transfering to your Tv? My Receiver only transfers the Picture and not Sound unless I change the setting and bypass getting sound from the Receiver!!

If all else fails you may have to call Bestbuy to have someone from their Geek Squad come out and fix it for you but hopefully not because they can be expensive?

Best of luck!!!! Any help would be appreciated. The geeks have WON! My sound bar picks up the cable tv sound, but cannot pick up Netflix or Hulu Plus on the smart hub of my Samsung smart tv although it does pick up sound with the You Tube app.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thank you. A buddy was over today who is much more knowledable, he played around with it and felt that the converter should have been an Analog to Digital. What do you think, could someone define which device is the input and which is the output. Thanks for any help. I have a orbitsound soundbar analog only. Trying to connect to Digital Samsung tv via the optical cable and a digital to analog converter.

It works but audio level is poor. Any suggestions. Great article Clint…. Just a simpleton question…. I have all HDMI ports of new Panasonic tv occupied…in fact purchased a couple of switches to connect more products, and connect tv to Sony sound base thru an ARC outlet on both devices. How wil tv know which HDMI device to play…. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Depending on your TV and Sound Bar system, the connections will differ. If you want to connect to just the TV, then the HDMI connection is. Published: | Using an analog cable, connect the AUX connector on your Sound Bar to the Audio Out on your TV. The TV must support HDMI ARC to hear TV audio on your Sound Bar using an To connect, insert the HDMI cable in the TV HDMI port labeled HDMI ARC.

I am trying to connect the to to my Yamaha YSP soundbar. Do I have to use the optical out cable as well as the hdmi arc? No sound comes out unless I have both connected. Thanks in advance. I have a Samsung TV with HDMi audio output to a soundbar that also has optical audio output, can use this for wireless headphone receiver connection? I recently purchased a Vizio SB soundbar and connected it to my Samsung D television via digital optical cable.

The soundbar works when I do this but have I set something up wrong or do I need to do this everytime I switch from my multiple sources connected to the soundbar. Had the tv screen for years, works great to watch DVDs. Given up now. Greetings, Have tv with 4 hdmi, stick, optical light hole, phone jack, and video yell.

Soundbar speaker

Sound bar has dc in jack, aux in R L jack, line in 3. Bought digital optical audio cable. This cable does not seem to fit into the square hole in tv or bar. Is there another way or an I doing this wrong? Thanks richard. The optical cable should fit. I am looking for a soundbar solution but am not sure it will work in my set up. All the audio from those devices is currently on TV speakers only.

What type of soundbar do I need that will mount to TV and handle all the sound from the receiver and Netflix direct from TV?

The sound is much improved. What do I need to do in order to control the volume on the soundbar using the same remote that I use on the TV? I have a Philips tv which has hdmi arc port and I have a lg sound bar 2.

How do I connect … awaiting ur valuable reply. Like every other TV, my smart tv came pre-installed with Netflix, amazon etc. My questions is, if i play everything directly though smart content on the TV and have nothing else attached like Bluray, direct TV, any sort of receiver etc. I am installing a JBL 3. I get sound from both the soundbar and the TV Speakers. I have turned the TV Speakers way down but I still get a slight echo. You mentioned in a previous response using the headphone jack to turn off the TV Speakers.

Does that work for the audio output jacks? Hi there can you have both the optical cable and th hdmi cable plugged into the sound bar at the same time?

Or is this not allowed. Thank you Kind regards Neil. Would I be in the situation with a soundbar? I would use the TV as the audio hub. I am having a problem with my Sharp SB soundbar. Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. Connecting a sound bar using a TV as the hub. Connecting a sound bar and using it as the hub. About The Author.


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