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  • 09.01.2019
  • by Akinokus

Homepage . Beyond Black & White

First Look: White Men Discuss Their Attraction to African-American Women - Dark Girls - OWN

Relationships between people who claim different racial identities aren't new hey, Barack Obama's parents, tons of other Americans and, according to the hope to which some fans are still clinging, Lupita and Jared. Nor are they all that controversial these days. At least they were until this unfortunate reality dating Web series hit the Internet. It's called Swirlr and it's quite possibly one big, ill-conceived advertisement for an online-dating service of the same name. No, that won't work , conducts preliminary interviews with a black woman and a white man she plans to set up. The result could be the start of one of the worst things to happen to interracial dating in recent history. Here's why:.

Not really true. But whatever, it sells books. To those who aren't on board with the " date different " plan, she has this to say: "It's a betrayal of the Afro-centric us-against-the-world groupthink, and a heartbreaking remnant of slavery.

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No, really, she brings a lot of baggage to her matchmaker role: "[My] year-old daughter's father, who is black, outright refused to marry me when I became pregnant in college, despite dangling the marriage carrot in front of my nose for a year prior. His parents never married. His own father has three illegitimate children that we know of … " she writes. The daters: You really don't know whether to hate the Swirlr "daters" Quintana and Kurt those are their real, perfect-for-this-project names or to feel sorry for them for getting roped into this thing.

Kurt starts off by saying, "My type is … don't kill me for this … " Why would we kill you? At least outside of Karazin's website, you're allowed to have a same-race type. Tall, thin, typically blond.

Then there's Quintana, who just moved on a whim from Atlanta to Los Angeles, likes holding hands and walking on the beach and listening to Frank Sinatra she actually said that and has all sorts of coded and not-so-coded commentary on black men. More on that later.

Online Dating: Decoded. The DEFINITIVE Online Dating Course to Get You MORE ATTENTION by the RIGHT Men ONLINE. Christelyn Karazin. % COMPLETE. See more of Beyond Black & White - The Rebirth on Facebook MANY people who have wondered why Beyond Black & White hasn't started a dating group?. Listen to Interracial Dating In The Closet and other episodes by Beyond Black And White Talk. No signup or install required.

The clumsy messaging: It's not surprising, given the host's background, that this first episode sticks to a "Black women don't have to settle for terrible black men" and "There's nothing wrong with white women, but maybe white men could help us out and try to be attracted to other people" theme. But it's all a little heavy-handed. Why Karazin is trying to make Kurt date someone who's the furthest thing from his type is anyone's guess.

She implies to him that he'll somehow be left behind if he doesn't go out with a black woman, saying, "It's just the world that we live in. People are really getting together and making those connections. Details, details. The stereotypes: The host is quick to label poor, Taylor Swift-loving Kurt "the most vanilla-country boy that I've ever seen walking around Hollywood. Then there's a sidebar about the many generations of farmers in his family that seems designed just to back that up.

Meanwhile, Quintana sounds like a stop-and-frisk proponent or friend of Don Lemon as she riffs on the men of Atlanta: "I dated the bad boys … the tattoos, with either the dreads or some crazy hairstyle and saggy pants," she says.

Wait, are you taking about "bad" or "black"? Or are those synonyms? Some would say yes, but the vast majority many of whom would be considered ethnic minorities in the UK and America would disagree vehemently. For some, the very thought of dating outside their own race is still scandalous and for those who do, they discover that race can be a bigger issue than they would like to admit.

It seems that even today, the realm of love and relationships is not exempt from the political. My nana married a black man in the s.

Christelyn D. Karazin is the co-author of “Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed,” and runs a very popular interracial. Although we have come a very long way since the s and s in both America and the UK, interracial dating is still an issue of contention. The host: Let's start with Christelyn Karazin, editor of the website Beyond Black & White; author of the book Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and.

She grew up in the serene white middle-class surroundings of Richmond, attended the local Catholic school and had been married once before, with three kids. My granddad died in February and I met him only once.

He grew up in Afuze, a poor village in mid-West Nigeria. After having my dad ina half-Nigerian and half-English son, her world changed unalterably.

She left her life behind her in Richmond and moved to Nigeria for thirteen years. My nana told me that she used to look at her hand linked in his, and thought it was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen. Fifty years later, she still feels the same.

Before I set to writing this, I spoke to my nana about her experiences. Her skin was also a status symbol for my granddad.

At times, she enjoyed this and at times she resented it. As a wife, there were expectations in Nigeria that she would have not have accepted at home. Due to the colour of her skin, she was both a trophy in Nigeria and a scandal in England — an object to be discussed and judged.

She was a woman who dared trespass the stringent norms of the time. Most days, race was not an issue.


It was, however, a factor in our relationship that we both experienced differently. I recently asked him to reflect on things and I was surprised by how much the mixed-race element of our relationship had affected him. What does this even mean? It is true that sometimes I felt that he enjoyed breaking his own stereotype by having me by his side, which made me feel awkward.

Because we are not all the same — a point these stereotypes inevitably miss. I was, however, surprised that we ended up in a relationship at all. Together, my beautiful Indian best friend and I received so many comments during our school years that reaffirmed this notion. I would watch TV waiting for mixed-race couples to appear and it rarely happened.

I rarely saw pictures in magazines of white men and black women; if mixed race couples were on TV, it was usually the opposite scenario — black men with white women.

Beyond black and white dating

So for a long time, I thought that my skin was ugly. Interestingly, this friend is black himself, and mainly goes for white girls. An idea that excludes many women. There are black men who openly share this sentiment with their brothers of different races, as well as amongst themselves. This is a feminist issue that is often overlooked. This is an experience directly linked to racial politics.

So with this in mind, I was surprised that a white guy saw past my skin and actually liked me. He would tell me my skin was beautiful and I would cringe, and tell him to stop lying and to stop drawing attention to it, to my difference.

Samantha and Freddie: Give Online Dating a Chance, I was delighted to interview Samantha and on her relationship with Freddie. Their relationship will be. Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men. The Best Interracial Dating Resources for Black Women. 05 Jan 14; Dani; 41 comments. iStock_Small. It's a new.

Eventually, though, he made me stop being so self-conscious in my skin. But before we reached that stage, another issue that concerned my family about our relationship was that my boyfriend before him was black and I was relaxed when it came to introducing him to them. They suspected I was not fully comfortable with the situation.

I was cautious about bringing him the recent boyfriend in question into my family life. I spent most of my time with his family, at his house. The few times he did come over, I think he felt uneasy — unusually aware of his being white and experiencing what it is like to be a minority.

The sand out moments I can remember were when we all sat together watching a Malcolm X DVD and he said nothing, or the time we sat in the sun during the Olympics, oblivious as he scorched away in silence. When he now tries to understand my reluctance to introduce him to my family, and compares how I acted with my first boyfriend, he can only see our contrasting skin colours.

And he attributes my actions to that. At a FLY meeting at Cambridge University, a feminist discussion group for ethnic minority women, we talked about times when we have felt exoticised. I had never thought about it properly, and I was shocked by the amount of stories that were shared.

First Look: White Men Discuss Their Attraction to African-American Women - Dark Girls - OWN

My nana, as a white woman in Nigeria, must have experienced this.


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